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Ned Campbell

My work centres around the themes of nostalgia and childlike play, often working from/with found materials such as printed ephemera and cardboard. One of my main projects this year has been a book of portraits inspired by my mother’s high school yearbook, exploring character development through the act of drawing. In addition to working with pencil and paper, I also enjoy working in 3D with more sculptural projects such as my puppets for the group show ‘The Boy Who Learned to Shiver’; an adaptation of a Grimm fairytale.

Class of 81″

Collaborative Work
The Boy Who Learnt To Shiver

Class of 81″

A series of portraits inspired by my mother’s high school yearbook. This project was an experiment in character development and worldbuilding, using the act of drawing as a driving force in building a narrative. My drawing process is greatly informed by a workshop with Wilfrid Wood last year, in which he spoke of capturing a person’s energy by finding their defining feature and exaggerating it. This doesn’t always guarantee a perfect likeness, it does however make for more interesting portraits. I often do two to three preparatory drawings for each character, searching for the features that make them stand out. Once identified I work, not from the original source material, but instead from my initial drawings to draw out more personality from the character. The complete collection of portraits along with yearbook entries can be found on the publication table in the exhibition.

Francine Jablonski - Class of 81"

Harold Cooper - Class of 81"

Donna Henderson - Class of 81"

Scott Lieberman - Class of 81"

Larry O'Donahughe - Class of 81"

Francis Sherman - Class of 81"

Darleen O'Donnel

Domnykas Zukauskas - Class of 81"

Mrs Rosemary Funch - Class of 81"

Mr Paul Edwards - Class of 81"

The Boy Who Learnt To Shiver

‘The Boy Who Learnt to Shiver’ is a collaborative puppet show adaption of the Grimm Brothers’ tale ‘The Boy Who Left Home To Learn Fear’. With hand-made puppets, set design and a live score, our play centres around an insolent, arrogant and selfish 7-year old boy, who is kicked out of home and follows his journey through gallows, taverns and crummy hotels. What could’ve been a tale of redemption and self-discovery ends in a… well, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves won’t you.