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Noah Herbert

(He/ him)

This year my work has primarily focussed on set design within the context of an interior design project, this style of work allowed me to fully express myself in the areas in which I feel most talented and have enjoyed the most in previous work. This includes, creating atmosphere and a clear mood/tone in my work, telling a story through a series of spaces and creating a lived-in feeling in my interiors. My work this year displays these areas and more through the series of sets I have designed.

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Kafka on the Shore – A Set Design Project

Kafka on the Shore – A Set Design Project

This project aims to translate the book ‘Kafka on the Shore’ into a series of sets and spaces that could be used for a film production of the Novel. Through careful studying of the text, I have taken what I consider to be essential locations (those which will bring the most value to the production by having a purpose-built set made for them) I then designed, planned and organised them to create as functional and interesting a film set as possible. I aimed to be as authentic to the book descriptions as was manageable, using my intuition and personal vision of each location to fill in the gaps left behind.

At its core this is a set design project, each set is made for a cast of actors and crew members to work and capture the film. However, I wanted to make possible the continued use of the space after filming is over and given the current purpose of my site (Tramway) the sets could be left and reused as an installation, open to the public. To facilitate this I organised my sets in a way that preserves their functionality but also offers an aesthetically pleasing view to a potential onlooker.

Here is a selection of visuals from the key sets and locations within my production (Housed in Tramways Main Exhibition space). Further work is included in my full portfolio.

Library Stacks

Library Reading Room

Spare Room Corridor

Library Spare Room

Ms Saeki's Study (Library)

Father's Study

Street Scene

Tokyo Bus Stop

Oshima's Cabin

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Reading Room Shelves