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Omar Said



Metalhead is a fast-paced 2D side-scrolling nail-biting action shooter in a cyberpunk setting with an 80s theme in pixel art. This game was solo devloped by myself in 3-months where it showcases all of the game development skills I have acquired over the years. This demo features a short narrative that leads to a full game that I will be working on later in my life.

Metalhead by Omar Said



Creating a VR controller related to a specific genre known as first person shooter (fps). I have created this controller with enhanced sensory feedback in mind for a better user experience and deeper immersion and presence. This project took 3-months to make. Where the custom controller was built by Fraser Dougan and I. A game was also developed by myself specifically for the controller.


About me

When I first began an internship at ‘Lammtara Art Productions’ in 2016; I was introduced to the process of creating concepts & storyboarding for animations in Dubai. Ever since, I wanted to work creative-based projects with a team and be able to make an outcome we are proud of. Now that I’m pursuing a degree that relates to the gaming industry, I have been able to partake in a lot of team projects where my peers and I bounce ideas off each other and create games done with our utmost effort.

In the year 2022, a team-mate and I have won a europe-centric game jam competition that led us to be flown out and present our game to international researchers.

The summer of 2023, I was lucky to work on a 360 panorama projector in a company called ‘VR Wow Zone’ where I was able to solve an issue the company was having with connecting virtual cameras in a game engine onto projectors for an immersive experience.

In 2023, my university has invited me to represent them in EGX london as a student representative where I was able to present my game on the barclays rezzed sessions stage.

Upon publishing my work on this page, my most proud and technically challenging game I have developed is ‘Metalhead’.





Itch Page

VR Custom Gun Controller created from scratch using 3d

VR shooter game created for the custom controller