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Incorporation of Tailors Prize

I have a deep-rooted love of fashion, driven by an inquisitive and nostalgic interest in clothing trends of the past and enjoy juxtaposing various themes, creating garments relevant to cultural and social issues of today. Creating a collection allows me to express thoughts and ideas through a variety of looks, together making a cohesive personal statement. I have a genuine interest and passion for incorporating sustainability within my own design work, producing garments which forge an emotional durability and connection between clothing and wearer, with an emphasis on the choice of sustainable materials used and artisan methods of production.

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Television Snacks and Tiaras

Television Snacks and Tiaras

‘Television Snacks and Tiaras’ is my Graduate collection, an antidote for the pandemic.
The collection is inspired by the shared emotions of people isolated during lockdown bringing comfort, wellbeing and an antidote to these difficult times. My research explores British heritage, a nation collectively pulling together, seeking reassurance from national icons such as The Queen, NHS and key workers. It explores romanticised ideas of comfort and frivolity, juxtaposing oversized clothing and generous silhouettes, reminiscent of the social parties we once enjoyed and those we look forward to.

Using sustainable materials linking the fragility of humanity, in the context of the pandemic, to the delicate balance of our natural environment. The sensory and tactile qualities of fabrics are key to the whole collection, in these times of uncertainty our sensory connection to cherished clothing of our past, engages us with happy positive memories of time spent with friends and loved ones. Through association we might reconnect with the optimism and enjoyment experienced socialising in normal times.

Sponsored by;

Stephan Walters,

Taylor and Lodge,

Harris Tweed,

Richard Malone.

Mood Board

Mood Board for graduate collection Television Snacks and Tiaras


Colour Board

Final Garments for my Television Snacks and Tiaras collection.

Pyjama Suit

Pyjama Suit development

Pyjama Suit development

Pyjama Suit development

Pyjama Suit.

The French Fancy Dress

The French Fancy Dress development

The French Fancy Dress development

The French Fancy Dress development

The French Fancy Dress.

The Queens Jacket

The Queens Jacket development

The Queens Jacket development

Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket development

Smoking Jacket development

Smoking Jacket development

Smoking Jacket.

Silk Flower Pyjamas

CV Poppy Brooks

CV Poppy Brooks 2