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Rachel Corrie (She/Her)

Hi, I am Rache! I have just graduated product design and I would love to work in service design. Product design is largely interdisciplinary, and I had plenty of fun learning about all sorts of design from all sorts of angles. Choosing an aspect of this broad subject was naturally a challenge, but it was made easy by a simple idea: I should choose a subject with elements personal to me, and thus be able to really channel myself into my work. Codesign is a technique reliant on interaction with people; I enjoy helping people have conversations which, under some circumstances, they may struggle to have. (Taboo subjects can be a lot of fun!) To design a service which allows people to have these conversations, which gives them the necessary information to make informed decisions, which enables them to come out of their shells, would be to combine all the elements of product design, and my own personal life, which I both find engaging and useful…and fun.

Care Totem
Join In

Care Totem

A care totem is a group of objects specifically designed to break the chain of care that has become apparent since the introduction of care communities in 2025. The British government’s implementation of the Care Totem aims to bring care to the people that care for others within these communities and feel entangled within their care responsibilities and their home environment.

By using the 4 critical care languages; being seen, heard, comforted and connected Care Totem hopes to not only care for the user but also help them to recognise when they may need care and what kind of care they need at that time. Each part of the totem represents one of these care languages and offers a different service to the user. Each of these services will be altered depending on the user’s needs and how they like to be cared for thus creating a symbiotic relationship where they work together to break the chain of care.

Service map

Be Heard

Be Connected

Be Seen

Be Comforted

Join In

‘Join In’ looks into how people can have informed, but informal, discussions in environments where they feel comfortable doing so.

This pop-up experience will travel around the country each time with a different taboo subject and a different environment look. The current themes of sexual health in a pub came from the need to break the taboo of discussing sexual health but also the need for people to know where to go when they need help. Using the environment of a pub Join In feel people will be more comfortable discussing sexual health there as research has shown this is currently where a lot of these informal conversations already take place.

Within the chosen environment Join In has altered the key touchpoints to create fun mini experiences for the user to interact with and learn from. These experiences range from sharing your sexual health story on the bathroom wall to openly discussing sexual health with the bartender. This range of interactions hopes to give people the opportunity to get as much information as they would feel comfortable doing whilst also helping them to see sexual health should be an openly discussed subject and nothing to be embarrassed abo

Tlking to sexual health bartender

Referal card

User looking into glass

Myth busting glass

Myth busting glass

Conversation starting coaster

Coaster games

Users in pub