School of Design Textile Design

Rachel Maclellan

This graduate collection encompasses the exploration of the term duality. Drawing inspiration from geometric and biomorphic design. This collection pushes the boundaries of three-dimensional form within knitting. Exploring the juxtaposition of natural fibres and synthetic materials in order to manipulate the textural outcome. Designing for conceptual shoe innovation, speculatively producing a shoe, fully fashioned through knitting techniques.


Knitted Duality

Knitted Duality

For my graduate collection I started with the term duality. The term duality refers to having two contrasting themes. This allowed me to draw inspiration from geometric and biomorphic design. Throughout this project I have translated images that highlight the differences and similarities between nature and architecture. I then progressed by exploring the juxtaposition of natural and synthetic materials, highlighting dualism within other areas of my project. Utilising smart material choice has allowed me to form and mould my knitted textiles into unusual shapes.

Materiality was the focus of this project, beginning to push the boundaries within knitted forms for a vast amount of applications.

I focused on utilising my material findings within conceptual shoe innovation. I have been experimenting with non-stretch and stretch properties within my knitted samples. Exploring the purpose of knitting within product design and investigating how it can be used to benefit the user in a holistic way. I hoped to inspire the progression of knitted shoe design in a playful and experimental manner.

This varied collection is constructed of dead stock and donated yarn. Due to the synthetic yarn present within this collection it was important to not encouraging the reproduction of synthetic materials but rather re-purposing what already exists.

My complementary project encompasses the development of one additional material. Investigating the properties of a mouldable yarn in order to create rigid surface textures, suggesting the design of shoe soles. Thus speculatively creating a shoe completely constructed through knitting techniques and smart material choice.