Immersive Systems Design School of Simulation & Visualisation

Rezvan Mousavi

Hi, this digital exhibition highlights my final year’s degree show and my studies at the Glasgow School of Art. The video showcases a collection of images from one of my main projects during my 4th year.

Visual Development for a 2D Action Game

Visual Development for a 2D Action Game

I created designs for a 2D game called “Parsa the city of legends,” which is inspired by Persian mythology. As a visual development artist, I designed one level of the game, which has seven areas. I created images of the game-play in different locations to show different scenarios, such as jumping over platforms and action scenes. I also designed the game interface and added elements like a life bar, scores, and XP to make it look more like a real game. I used Adobe Illustrator to design everything, including characters, environments, effects, and interface elements.

Setting of the Game:

Theme/Location: Ancient Persian environment (Sassanid Period)
Game mechanic: 2D Platformer
Game genre: Action Adventure/Stealth Game
Art style: 2D Vector art