School of Design Textile Design

Rhona Millar

My interests lie in historical architecture and interiors and my project focuses on the ornate details, elaborate plasterwork, intricate ceilings, and tiled floors found within stately homes and gardens. Visual research was gathered from visiting examples of historical interiors at Pollock House, Newhailes House, Mount Stuart House and Holmhead House.

These historical references are interpreted through 3D drawing and collage to capture the shape, details, and colour exploring the clash of floral and geometric forms. I sought to reimagine this rich narrative through hand embroidered detailed iterations on tactile and contrasting textures such as organza and leather.

Hand embroidery is central to my practice, with almost the entirety of my collection being made by hand. Sustainability is also important to me, using recycled packaging for floral embellishment designs and sourcing second-hand garments, textile off-cuts and vintage donated silk threads.

This has resulted in a collection exploring three dimensional, embellished and hand embroidery methods: unique textiles which echo the decorative details and craftsmanship of historical interiors.

The Stately Home