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About me

I am a 2018 GSA undergraduate product design student, graduating in 2022. I am from Guangdong, China. My love for product design came when I was in high school. I grew up loving and receiving art education, so I have a great talent for design and art. My favorite product designs are Apple, Dyson, Canon, etc. I really enjoy studying product design around me and collecting design magazines and other books. My favorite design styles include Bauhaus design, Japanese minimalist design, etc. My favorite artists and designers include Naoto Fukasawa, Jonathan Iver, Dieter Rams, Henri Julien Felix, etc.

Self-Initiated Project-Homre
Future Experences Project-Canny

Self-Initiated Project-Homre

About Homre

The Homre recycling system has been designed to make recycling more personal at home, to increase environmental protection and to reduce the recycling burden on community recycling systems.

The Homre recycler is focused on recycling household paper waste and fruit and vegetable peel waste. The recycler mixes these two materials together and creates new recycled paper which can be reused. This will alleviate the need to cut down trees and also achieve an environmentally friendly result. This will also be a future trend in community environmental protection. The Homre app is an interactive service that helps connect recycling machines. It can be set up from your mobile phone and if you are away during the production process you can use the app to monitor the recycling machine at all times. The app also has a reminder function when the production is complete. Intelligent control is achieved.

The recycled paper produced by the Home Recycler can help people in many ways. Examples include note paper, blotting paper, cleaning paper, disposable coasters and paper bowls. It can relieve people in going to buy these materials. And it can alleviate the reliance on virgin tissue paper, which you can reuse once for free. That is, you save money on consuming these disposable items and you fully recycle the waste that could otherwise be recycled. So it benefits the user and the social environment.

Project Video-Homre system

The video is about how people use the Homre system in their home kitchens to recycle and reuse.

Homre system-A home recycling system

Material testing (recycled paper waste)

Material test (mixed recycling of fruit peel and paper waste)

Material test (mixed recycling of fruit peel and paper waste)2

6.Product system map


7.Homre recycling machine display

8.Homre app page description

10.User Journey Map(end)

9.Homre device working process long page

3.The value of recycled paper produced by the recycler

Future Experences Project-Canny

About Canny

In 2031, the global ageing population will increase. It is therefore worth looking into how to take better care of the elderly after the next decade. Older people neither want to burden their children nor spend the rest of their lives in nursing homes. They are more eager to be free and to move around. But with physical changes and illness, their memory and mobility become slow.

Canny is a care product system for the elderly and is made up of a care ball product and the Canny app. The care ball Canny emits a voice that is transmitted physically to the elderly, who can receive care information such as daily shopping information and food reminders for the home. It also keeps track of the senior’s daily life and health information. At this point, the daily bills and the daily health check-in voice are uploaded to the child’s Canny App so that the children can see their mother’s health and daily shopping status at all times. The elderly can also receive life care information when they are too sick to leave the house. So for the elderly, their children and the environment they live in to be able to help each other, giving the elderly community more uncompromising care through environmental data and care for the people and communities around them. Allowing the elderly to be cared for in a free environment.

Project video-CANNY (When the user is healthy)

The video is about how seniors will receive community care services by using the Canny system in the future year 2031.

Project Video-CANNY(When the user is unhealthy)

Video about how the Canny system will provide community care services in the next 2031 when seniors get sick and have to stay at home.

Material testing (body)

Care-environment-public city care box (23)

How can the environment (local) play a role in the care data


Cannycare, a system of digital care for the elderly community

The prototyped product outcome

The User(Alice) Journey of Care Ball(Canny) and App(Cannycare)

Canny app (for family)

Canny system in the future world scene setting