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Rose Smith


Working within lens-based media, my practice primarily revolves around photography and video. I have always been intrigued by the Avant-Garde and its connection to the digital realm. My work often explores how the digital revolution has reshaped our perception of photography and the role of the photographer. As a result, my practice is process-driven, which is vital to the development of my work.

This year, much of my work has focused on the process of creating publications. Through this, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Risograph process and refined other aspects of my practice, such as photograph pagination, design, and identity. Additionally, I have developed an interest in filmmaking, specifically short documentaries that explore various subjects with a focus on capturing people and communities.

Total Recall
Then I Met You, On The Pitch
Then I Met You, On The Pitch (photography)


VIEWFINDER is an eight page, A4 weekly photographic-newspaper primarily photographed, produced and printed in Glasgow. The publications provide weekly news through visual, photographic information. Each issue features a selection of seven images, printed using the Risograph onto newsprint. Alongside the regular content, a few of the editions include a distinctive limited edition print, providing a platform for experimentation with a variety of photographic processes and offering readers an exclusive collectible.

Image of 15 different black and white risograph newspapers with a different image on each one. All newspapers named VIEWFINDER

The First 15 Editions of VIEWFINDER

A Newspaper with an image of two people being captured by a CCTV camera in a shop. Text saying VIEWFINDER at the top of the newspaper.

Edition 008

A held up newspaper containing two black and white, risograph images. One of a toilet and the other of a number 6 door number. Also being held is a PhotoBooth strip of two people reading the newspaper.

Edition 006

series of Photo Booth strips drying in green folder.

Photograph from Berlin VIEWFINDER Launch

Pile of VIEWFINDER newspapers with a Photo Booth strip inside

VIEWFINDER Edition 006 Outcomes

Middle spread of photographic-newspaper with black and white image of a box. On the front of the box an image of a meal with the text "giant chicken escalope"

Edition 009

Glasgow Launch Posters

Edition of viewfinder being read

Photograph from Glasgow Launch

Edition 011

VIEWFINDER Berlin Edition 006 Launch

Total Recall

This short documentary delves into a football team created by a Year 4 Sculpture and Environmental student at GSA, aiming to spotlight the enduring sense of community within football. Given football’s often negative stigma, especially in Glasgow, I aimed to highlight the positive impact of team sports in creating a community. It originated from a brief set at the start of the year, ‘Total Recall’ which I’ve since expanded on into a longer documentary. I aimed to build around the idea of recalling a memory, by introducing the team to provide more context to the story and documentary as a whole.

Then I Met You, On The Pitch

‘Then I Met You, On The Pitch’ is a Communication Design collaborative book project by Graphics student Josh Hale, and Lens-Based student Rose Smith. The publication explores the relationships and community created by a football team in Year 4 Sculpture and Environmental at Glasgow School of Art.

Then I Met You, On The Pitch (photography)

Developing onwards from a short documentary project, ‘Then I Met You, On The Pitch’ explores further into the storytelling potential of the Year 4 Sculpture and Environmental football team’s narrative. This project aims to represent the attributes associated with the sport and the community built by the team through experimenting with different techniques and concepts in photography. In sports there is a moment that captures the atmosphere in a split second that no human eye can see, due to this, ‘The Decisive Moment’ was a primary focus while capturing the essence of the sport and team.