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Ross Anderson


With a focus on maximalism, 1980s, Glam, Ibiza & Barbie! My graduate collection celebrates all these themes and ideas which inspire me.

Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball

Follow The Call Of The Disco Ball

The theme of my project is opulence and maximalism infused with elements of jewellery. I have
been inspired heavily by the work of Versace, their aesthetic inspired the start of my research. From
this I began researching past decades, especially the 1980s and 1990s, from which the aesthetic,
music and icons at this time further fuelled my ideas and inspiration. I created opulent, maximalist
installations to draw from, then developed these into prints and scarf designs using print techniques
and fabrics that reflected my research. I aimed to create timeless designs that will not date into
scarf designs that have multiple style options.