Prize Winner

SaltSpace Award

School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Ruby Hirsch


A series of public happenings taking place in Glasgow between 31st May – 9th June are live streamed into the gallery.


I make art mostly in the form of happenings in the city, often involving painted signs, sometimes trains and boats, parcels, cctv cameras, gunpowder, statues and massive sacks. Ideally my audience should stumble across the work by accident. My happenings respond to a place by trying to disrupt-challenge-poke at the rules and the control of the space. I try to reach people in roundabout and convoluted ways in the hope I might catch the expanding uniformness of the city off guard. I keep trying to find the tiny cracks in public order because they give me hope. Sometimes we slip right through one and feel like gods for a minute. I think I will have to make a lot of happenings to get that just once – joining a riot or a seance would probably be a better bet. I wanted to become a physicist, a mathematician, a philosopher and now an artist because I am obsessed with mystery. First I wanted to solve it.. then to play with it.. now maybe just to be near it.