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Ryan Murray

“I’m not re-inventing the wheel i’m just steering the right path for your future, designing new experiences to see the world differently”

I see myself as a future focused experience designer. I have developed an interest in what motivates people to make certain decisions and understanding their individual behaviours to produce in-depth product, system and service design concepts which speak to the specific needs of the target stakeholder in terms of a designed outcome.

That said I am a willing young designer who is hungry to learn more about the design industry and bring my fresh set of skills and wide breadth of knowledge into professional practice.

NTNZ – Navigate To Net-Zero
CU CA – Cultures of Care

NTNZ – Navigate To Net-Zero

The Journey starts with you. Helping the people of Glasgow navigate their own path to Net-Zero


“If we don’t influence behaviour change we’re in big trouble. It’s just the jump to try something different that holds people back”


This project was fully self initiated and heavily research led to which I produced my own in depth design brief. Throughout the design process I had the opportunity to interact and co-design with professionals in the industry as well as citizens of Glasgow and surrounding areas through workshops and cultural probes designed and created by myself over multiple sessions throughout the project to consolodate different stages of the design process with hands on user feedback. I am passionate about people and their behaviours towards design.

“NTNZ.” is a User interface centred system created as a design response to research insights which indicated that citizens of Glasgow felt underprepared for upcoming policy and legislation changes in the city centre with schemes such as the Low Emission Zone coming into force in June 2023. “NTNZ” serves as a future based (2033) solution to how we can help guide the citizens of Glasgow to make their own path to achieve net zero through their transportation choices. It does this through four main features.

User interface touch points ranging from repurposed street furniture to mobile apps to simple smart cards providing a wider access to the system without people having to rely on technology to access the benefits of NTNZ.

The system provides rewards and incentives at both personal and community levels to ensure engagement, this goes further through gamification allowing people to challenge themselves and their peers to work towards Glasgow’s future.

NTNZ is supported by REGEN, a battery pack subscription model aimed at widening access to properly implemented infrastructure for EV’s at both personal and public sector scale.

A strong marketing campaign helps highlight the benefits to getting on board with NTNZ as a citizen centred system for Glasgow’s future.

Mobile User Interface

The path to Glasgow's future in the palm of your hand. Allowing the user to plan ahead, earn rewards and challenge themselves as well as family and friends on their way to achieving Glasgow's Net-Zero Future.

Navigation Station

This is designed to be accessed by anyone on the NTNZ system. An outlet for everyone to use who doesn't have access to technology. Offering the same features and interactions as the mobile app interface on a public scale to widen opportunity and engagement outlets.

Navigation Station - User Experience

Repurposing commonly disused street furniture, such as phone boxes, to create the NTNZ Navigation Station across the city of Glasgow to help people form their own path to achieve Net-Zero. How to access? the NTNZ Smart Card, the entry touchpoint to the system and the doorway to Glasgow's future.

Rewards & Incentives

Humans are wired to nine times out of ten only do something as long as they get something in return. Thats why I wanted to gamify my user interface to encourage use and engagement and bring a bit of excitement to the table as well. The rewards would be earned through continuous use of the NTNZ app on different modes of transport which would in turn earn you personally things such as free travel as well as being able to give back to the community by teaming up with local businesses to offer discount on non transport related items. The app would be able to send out challenges for you to try and complete through your commute, the fun part comes when you can interact with family and friends to compete in the race to net zero.

Rewards & Incentives - User Experience

As part of the NTNZ rewards scheme, council tax has been altered to allow everyone the same opportunity to drive electric through REGEN the supporting infrastructure partner to NTNZ. It allows those who may be monetary challenged to drive electric to alter their method of personalised travel and comply with the regulations to help Glasgow achieve a Net-Zero future.

Interactive Display

Designed to provide generalised city wide information on peoples impact when it comes to the environment through their travel. These will be implemented through existing infrastructure such as bus stops, display boards dotted around the city to encourage engagement, these can be used to help people plan ahead and see what route is in the best interest for them and the city.

Smart Card - Entry Touchpoint

The doorway to Glasgows future, the Smart Card can be used at any point in interacting with NTNZ to build up points and rewards for the user. It can then be scanned to access the navigation stations to allow the user the same opportunity as those using the mobile interface. Its important to level the playing feild when it comes to something like this, to ensure that everyone has fair opportunity to work together to help Glasgow reach Net Zero.

REGEN - Supporting Infrastructure

As the backbone of NTNZ as a system to ensure it is running sustainably, REGEN, a battery pack subscription service serves as the infrastructure partner to the system. A concept generated in effort to promote staged access to sustainable travel. In this use case it offers the same benefits only this time it has been scaled up to serve the public sector aswell, running glasgows public transport network on the same playing feild as personal travel.

REGEN - Supporting Infrastructure - Strategic Roadmap

REGEN - Supporting Infrastructure Service Blueprint

Key Insight

Responses to questions relating to Glasgow’s up and coming Low Emission Zone which will come into force as of June 2023. I simply asked if people knew about it and if so what do they already know? I was shocked to see the number of people who had no clue what this was or meant for them. I seen this as a gateway to a possible path for design ideation to take place.

Cultural Probe Kit - Research Tool

Cultural probes are a qualitative research tool, where open ended activities are given to a group of participants to learn more about their daily lives and environment. They start conversations amongst designers and bring novel insights.

Initial Research Analysis

Analysing and Synthesising different methods of desk research to extrapolate key insights and themes to form design opportunities and directions around to move forward in the design process.

CU CA – Cultures of Care

CU CACultures of Care – is a collective intelligence system that aims to forecast, model, predict, test and prototype cultures of care in effort to globalise local health. Thanks to CUCA, Primary Health Care practices across the globe will have the opportunity to receive guidance on how to better the experience of care for them and its patients.

CU CA is able to measure parameters of localised care practices globally and generate methods of care it feels an area could benefit from. CU CA has the ability to run, track, test and prototype it’s propositions in real time to see if it’s suggestions on better, more efficient care practice has been effective or not. It can examine care culture and regenerate it’s prototypes for individual community needs. CU CA is aimed at being accessed by primary health care professionals, the public will benefit as the system is working to continually improve their culture of care.