MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Samson Taylor (He/Him)

Urban Food Exchange – Maryhill Locks

Urban Food Exchange – Maryhill Locks

This project aimed to explore the relationship between a possible Urban Food Exchange, The Forth and Clyde Canal and the surrounding communities. Creating a Building which connected two distinct levels of the site, to the north and the south, while creating a functional alternative to the existing forth and clyde canal path was a key aim throughout the duration of the project. This led to a split over two levels, with the ‘HOUSE’ creating a direct connection with the overlooking high rise flats, and the ‘HUB’ providing a link to the public footpath and Maryhill Locks. This allows the building to function seamlessly as a production space, commercial sized kitchen and multifuntional assembly room in the HUB, and as a series of residential rooms, a domestic sized kitchen and spaces to relax and learn in the HOUSE.

Using predominantly natural materials where possible adds to the sustainability credentials of the building while guaranteeing a comfortable and healthy environment for the users.

East Elevation

Canal Map with Site Analysis

Master Plan

Ground Floor

First Floor

House Section

HUB Section

Long Kitchen Section

Exploded Axo final image

North Elevation