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Samuel Sculthorpe

I am a multi-disciplinary designer passionate about improving and challenging current conventions in how we view the world. I’m building up my knowledge and expertise in the process of design every day – constantly taking in inspiration and adding volume to my skills through given briefs.

In design, my interests lie in gathering market and trend research to develop mock-ups or realistic models. Visualizing user empathy for product interactions that leads to user testing, and co-designing for further developments. I am competent and confident in my ability to adapt to the ever-shifting needs of the user and the ever-changing world of the design itself.

I believe design can have a transformative impact on individuals, society, and the world at large. It has the power to shape our experiences, influence behaviours, and solve complex problems.

Regenerative Global Health Futures Exhibition

Regenerative Global Health Futures Exhibition

This was the beginning of the futures experience project where we designed a plausible future-world scenario based on regenerative global health set in the year 2032.

Our goal for this project was to get people thinking about possible futures that may happen based on future drivers on emerging technologies, policies, education systems, etc. Come have a look inside and see a world where the drivers have impacted and driven us toward a more regenerative future.


“Redefining the sustainable clothing cycle as a way to engage users to make conscious decisions in buying, owning, and moving on items of clothing.”

What began as a project looking into the area of unused clothing in the wardrobe as a way to view them from different angles turned into a revolutionary new cycle around the idea of conscious decision-making in the 3 key areas of buying, owning, and moving on your clothing.

I could see that people had no idea what was lurking back there in their wardrobes; even if they did, they would have a ‘spring clean’ and dispose of the items to charity or sometimes just in the bin. Working iteratively, I focused deeper into the issues around the current reduce, reuse, and recycle system and found flaws in that most people didn’t follow these rules.

TurnStyle targets these users to digitise their wardrobe to make important decisions on whether to buy an item, how to keep using the item, or eventually where the item goes, whether it be a friend, charity or swap meets. On top of this, we want the users to be a part of this cycle and implore them to buy less and share more to hurt the planet less.

TurnStyle App Interface

TurnStyle Movie

Digitised wardrobe ready to share


“Around 1 in 7 people (more than 15% of people in the UK) are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns, and processes information differently.”

From our future world in Global Health emerged new and unique ways to educate children in and out of the classroom. We revolved heavily around the child and the role they played within the future world, and this was the area I chose to focus on.

Everyone thinks, learns, and processes information differently. Neurodiversity is all about recognizing this and understanding that people’s brains all work in different ways, and we all experience the world through our own unique visions. Through my research, I found that 15% of all people in the UK are neurodiverse. Each classroom has at least 1 neurodiverse pupil in it.

Censori is a brand that gives children aged 3-6 a way to experience or see the world through the eyes of another. Focusing on the scent aspect it looks at how these children can capture a smell, create it through their own personal learning style and share this with others not only in their classrooms but
worldwide. The intended consequence is to create empathy and understanding within young children to help them and others with neurodiversity as they progress through school and even life.

Censori Movie

User Journey

Mask the children used to capture scents