Due to the cost-of-living crisis in the UK young professionals are struggling with living independently within the city, new data shows that in the past 10 years rents have grown a whopping 41% almost double the rate of inflation, within this it is Glasgow that has seen the fastest growing housing prices in the UK (2019).

This is ultimately leaving many who are just starting out in their career unable to break away from family households and begin their route to independence. The percentage of young adults (aged between 20 and 34) living with their parents in the UK has risen from just over 21% in 1996 to 28% in 2021, according to The Office for National Statistics; 60% of 22-year-olds currently live at home.
As well as those looking to move out of their family home, new graduates face the same struggle, having lived independently throughout their studies and finding no where they can afford to stay once finding a job within the city. Over half of Glasgow students decided to stay following their graduation, more than any other city in the UK, with increased numbers of young professionals seeking accommodation within Glasgow it leaves few options for all of them.


VitaNova is a residential building for young professionals looking to make a step of forward in their adult life, a great choice for those wanting to be more independent living in the city while still being connected to those living around them. VitaNova is set to offer a cheaper alternative to renting/buying when first entering full-time employment, with a variety of flat types to choose from. The residential space is targeted at those aged 21-28 which offers support to all residents providing optional learning opportunities for budgeting, cleaning, cooking, etc. VitaNova aims to create a welcoming safe environment where all residents have the opportunity to interact and have a supporting community around them.

‘Vita’ is a Latin word meaning life and ‘Nova’ is also a Latin word meaning new.  The name of the residential building is what these young professionals are seeking- a new lifestyle. From either moving away from their family home or from student life, this step is a transition into their adult life.



The Cuprum building is located at the end of Argyle Street before the Kingston Bridge. The area is filled with a variety of office buildings, with the Cuprum building currently in use for mutliple office spaces. The location is well connected with various forms of public transport within close proximity.

Exploded View

Site Location

Ground Floor and Mezzanine

The ground floor is where the main entrance is as well as the access to the parking. The café is open for the public as well as residents, the public only have access to certain areas within the ground floor and mezzanine to help keep residents feeling safe and at ease, to help with this there is security gates which only residents can get past.

On the mezzanine there is further seating for the café and unisex toilets for the customers to use. The convenience store is open for both residents and the public. Similarly to the ground floor the mezzanine has security gates to stop the public having access to the residents spaces.

Ground Floor Plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan


First Floor

The first floor have the main spaces within the building, this floor is open for residents to use. The left side of the floor is more open and more of a socialising area to help build on the community within the building so that these young professionals can unwind with likeminded people during their free time. Over the right side of the building is more quiet independent areas focusing on activities for the young adults to keep their mind and body active.

First Floor Plan

Shared Kitchen

Open socialable space for the residents to cook and eat together, giving them the opportunity to learn and share.

Private Dining

An ideal space for those wanting to host small events for friends/other residents in a communal setting

Games Room

A warm welcoming space for all residents to use to socialise with a variety within the space to fit for different activities- board games, pool tables, card games, etc.


Acoustic panelling spreading up back wall through the ceiling, offering better sound quality within the space as well as reducing the noise bleeding outwith the room.

Residential Floors (2nd-5th)

The second and fourth floor occupies some of the residents of the building with each room specification on these floors. On the residential floors there is seating nooks for residents to use for socialising within their floor or for an extra place to relax outwith their flats and busy first floor. These floor also are where the entrance for the two storey flats are.

The third and fifth floor has similar aspects to the second and fourth but occupy the upper level of the 2 storey flats where the bedrooms are located. On these floors there is also an extra seating area for the residents located near the void.

Throughout each of the residents floors, there is 4 room types- One bedroom flat, two bedroom flats, two bedroom flats over two floors and accessible flats. Overall there is room for 95 residents to live within the building. All flats include a double bed, full kitchen with a washing machine, living area,  bathroom aswell as plenty of storage.

Second-Fifth Floor Plans

Bedroom (2 floor flat)


Living room of 2-bed flat

Accessible Flat

Reading Nooks

The reading nooks placed on each of the residential floors inbetween the lifts offering residents a place to sit to feel part of the community within the building while still enjoying their own space

Sixth Floor

The sixth floor has the remainder of the residential flats. The roof top bar is located on this floor which all residents have access to. Within the bar there is plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, unisex toilets, a bar and an outdoor BBQ/Grill area which residents can use as they wish.

Sixth Floor Plan

Roof-Top Bar

Open for all residents, offering a calming relaxed atmosphere where residents can unwind after work/ at weekends.


The staircase is a focal point between the floors, running through the centre of each floor within the void in a spiral notion. This staircase creates a connection between each of the residential floors as well as to the first floor helping create a stronger sense of community and activeness of the building.