School of Design Textile Design

Sarah Rhodes (She/Her)

Surface design with a focus on colour and shape, that consciously considers the relationship between colour and emotion. This graduate collection explores themes of shape, texture through a bold, colourful and energetic lens. Consisting of the collaboration of both traditional and CAD technical processes, this collection accumulates in both paper-based and fabric-based prints. With no discrimination on age or gender, this series is proposed as a fun and versatile lifestyle collection, with emphasis on wallpapers, gift wrap and casual androgynous clothing. Intended on inspiring joy and play, by uplifting and engaging the consumer through colour and shape, a conscious effort is made to provide consideration and responsibility for contributing to the improvement of mental health and wellbeing.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” – John Ruskin.

Colour Amalgamation
“I prefer living in colour.” – David Hockney

Colour Amalgamation

Primary Imagery

Initial Colour Palette Research

Colour palettes inspired by Josef Alber's theories on colour relativity

Colour palettes inspired by Bernat Klein's use of colour theory and colour composition

“I prefer living in colour.” – David Hockney

Spray painted shapes on white background

Spray painted shapes on black background

Assembling the spray painted shapes on a wall

Spray painted acrylic plastic shapes... or jelly beans

Extracting shapes and incorporating colour from the initial research and drawing stages of the project into the beginnings of CAD development helped begin to generate new patterns and contemplate series’ of designs, thus encouraging the ever-evolving design development process in its early stages. In doing so, the experimentation of colour variations allows the ability to seek one colour’s aptitude beside the other.

“All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.” – Marc Chagall

Illustrator Motif Development

Spray painted gradient colour exploration

Adobe Illustrator Collages

Wallpaper Drops 1, 2 & 3