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Sarah Taylor (She/Her)

Memories of Motherhood

Memories of Motherhood

This collection of artefacts on my own kitchen table is a culmination of a year’s work experimenting and exploring different ways of making around my own memories of motherhood. I have used numerous techniques to allow the natural pathways to pass through my investigations, there and back again, as a way of reconnecting with the objects. Repeating these processes became like a well-worn path, exposing delicacies and hidden nuances of my relationships with my four children, without judgement, just observing or noticing the thread of tracings that exist and may pass.

Weavings underpin many of the presentations, which bring together my found objects, printmaking, the glass from a cast I made from one of my children’s shoes, imprints of their clothes and my own hair. Many of these are presented as fragments, or what gets left behind.

There are delicate spaces within the table for contemplation and reflection. By revisiting the same processes in varying forms, I am able to connect with something that I might never see within my consciousness. There is an ebb and flow with my work, which simulates my memory threading throughout allowing this presentation to be interpreted and digested as if tracing a journey.

The silk Lithograph, of one of my now grown-up sons sitting outside a window at our home, confronts the artefacts on the table, reinforcing the fragility of those much earlier times.

My kitchen table

Glass Shoe Weaving


Wrapped Allium stems

Presence and Absence


Tom at the window