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Scarlett David-Gray (she/her)

Scarlett is a womenswear designer who specialises in subversive drape and couture handsewing techniques. Their graduate collection, “Kallipyga” (meaning beautiful buttocks in Greek), began with a desire to explore the erotic potential of the body, and soon spiraled into a fervent obsession with the perverse role flesh plays in the relationship between designer, model and garment. Much of the design decisions have been influenced by the work of artist Hans Bellmer, in particular his series Les Jeux de la Poupée (The Games of the Doll) and his personal pornographic illustrations, alongside the designer’s ecclesiastical experiences in Greek Orthodox churches during pilgrimages to their family in Athens.

The outcome is a collection that is both delicate and demanding. Sharp suiting silhouettes are malformed by their fabric, while heavy, hand-stitched drape drags at the waists of dresses and skirts. There is a notable focus on revealing what is often concealed, with particular reverence given to the stomach and back, and a dedication to objectifying that which is often not allowed to inhabit the traditional erotic sphere.

Kallipyga- Graduate Collection

Kallipyga- Graduate Collection

Some of the research images within this collection are sexually explicit. Please proceed with caution if this is something you are sensitive to.

Initial Collage

Eros Twin Set Final Toile

Theda Dress Drape Development

Trinkets, Amulets and Protection Charms

Thanatos Final Toile