Immersive Systems Design – Games & Virtual Reality

Haldane Building, 1 students

Games and VR is a specialist pathway of the BSc in Immersive Systems Design along with 3D Modelling. The programme provides graduates with a highly relevant skill set in practical software and immersive systems (Augmented and Virtual Reality) development, an understanding of how people and technology interact, combined with the creative insight essential to help create the future in immersive systems. This is a technology focused degree with a strong art-school foundation, combining rigorous taught components with studio based learning and critical thinking.


The Skinny Degree Show Special

Shelby sits next to a mid eighties CRT monitor with a green monochromatic screen. The screen displays the menu of Silent Hill 2 and is surrounded by many plants.
A screenshot of an interactive video game exhibition piece. A webcam displays the users face as the background whilst a collage of faces aligns itself. The user can change their gender and age with sliders. In the foreground, the application tells the user they're "gorgeous", and confetti sprays everywhere.

from Am I Pretty?

from A Journey Through Love and Time

A Journey Through Love and Time - Menu Screen. The title of the game is a warm glowing neon sign on a black background, surrounded by glowing swirls and stars. Underneath, it says "Press Any Button to Start"

from A Journey Through Love and Time

from Act in Time

from A Journey Through Love and Time