MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Shichong Wei

Barras Food Center

The original building of Barras Market opened in 1934 in the business district east of Glasgow city centre. The Barrowland building includes a large street hall for the weekend market, with a sizable weatherproof ballroom above. It is a sub-center of the city integrating entertainment and traditional markets. However, with the development of supermarkets and online shopping, traditional markets are gradually being reaplaced. This project aims to reinvited the traditional market to make the site more sustainable and more local, a market selling the local products is very important to the local community. Localize is important for the community in the pandemic, this project could help to create a flexible and colorful market.


Floor plans

Floor plans

Section through the courtyard 1:200

Section through the existing building 1:200

Main entrance

Bird view