Interaction Design School of Design

Stewart Marshall

(He / Him)

Hello! I’m Stewart, a multimedia and Interaction Designer from Glasgow.

Echoes and Bonds
Work In Progress

Echoes and Bonds

Echoes and Bonds explores the changes within myself and my practice after witnessing my close friend being seriously assaulted. This work delves into the themes of trauma, healing, friendship, and human resilience, illustrating how trauma can manifest in various ways long after the event.

The first part of this work is a sound reactive 3D Video, with objects sculpted based on my memory of the event. The video reacts to the noise levels in the room adding increasing levels of distortion to the work. The distortions represent themes of hyper vigilance, unpredictability and depersonalisation. Only the shapes, the manifestations of trauma are affected by the noise while the ocean landscape they inhabit remains unaffected.

The second is a series of cast objects, the three objects all have distinctive material properties each highlighting ways trauma can be relived. Viewers are encouraged to handle the objects, inspecting their weight and various textures. Over time, as the objects are handled they will change symbolising the passage of time and the process of healing.






Work In Progress

Our Work In Progress (WIP) show in March was a great stepping stone in terms of direction, with the ability to see how the public would interact with our work, it proved vital in creating the rest of the work for my final submission.