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Tammy Dyson



As a multimedia artist, my creative journey is a deeply personal exploration rooted in the subconscious and dreamlike states. My work is a visual diary, capturing the intricate interplay between my innermost thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Themes of intersectional feminism, loss, repressed memories, trauma, and surreal dreamscapes converge to form the thematic tapestry of my artistic practice.

Within the surreal landscape of my creations, I navigate through layers of the self, exploring the complexities of identity and existence. Through a lens of surrealism, I construct unusual juxtapositions within my imagery, inviting viewers to delve into the enigmatic depths of the subconscious mind.

Print on Aluminum (1110x1110)

Print on Aluminum (1110x1110)

'Toy Horse' (35mm)

Introspection Moving Image 3 minutes 8 seconds. Medium VHS.

'Introspection' (installation) 2024

'Introspection' (Installation) 2024

Steel Box with Monitor