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Memphis Ting-Jui Sun

As an interdisciplinary designer driven by curiosity about the unknown, my straightforward motivation and practical experiences enable me to handle details subtly, experiment with possibilities boldly, and consider multiple perspectives holistically, thus activating potentials that have yet to be realised. I firmly believe that visual communication, as the intersection of art and design, should embrace dialogue and diversity, thereby creating connections within the world around us.

Neue Modern
Watch the Music


Bopomofo is the predominant transliteration system for Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan. It serves as an educational and everyday communication tool, making it a unique token of identity among Taiwanese People. Nowadays, as Taiwan stands as the sole nation where Bopomofo continues to be used, this publication showcases its history and breaks down the system in a way that non-Mandarin speakers can understand.

Spec: 105 x 160 mm, 112 pages
Format: Digital full colour & white ink printing, softcover
Finishing: Blind debossing, exposed spine binding

Neue Modern

Neue Modern is an experimental typeface inspired by the font families Lining Sandringham and Cheltenham. Numerous details were adjusted for more outstanding characteristics, while essential punctuations and symbols were crafted for flexible usage. As a result, this 117-glyph typeface features a high-contrast appearance, decorative ligatures, and intense breathing rhythms that are perfect for display use.


Basic Glyphs


Size Comparison





Font in Use

Watch the Music

Watch the Music is an experiment to visualise the music by playing around sampled materials from itself, aiming to replicate the emotional experience without hearing. In terms of sampling sources, technical analysed materials of the audio tracks were the primary sources to form the works, with artworks featuring a similar theme referencing the colours and the combination of the elements.