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Victor Flavell

Through my work, I am exploring my relationship to the people around me and my surroundings, solidifying the presence of the artist, asking questions of the painted moment, and exploring doubt and the unknown.

There is a desire to communicate the fragmentary nature of experience, to allow for contradictions, to take and step back and realise that disorder, the unknown, and chance are far more common than tidy narratives. Some things may come into our life with a past or future that is unknown to us, but they inhabit our present for an instant, arriving and departing with no explanation. The goal is to illustrate that although narratives occur, they are never singular.

We have a tendency to translate unrelated fragments into a singular narrative which is to convey our own story, in an effort to understand the world around us.  I would like to accept the futility of trying to understand ‘the meaning of things’, to find solace in the idea that some things cannot be understood, explained, or related. In a moment where knowledge, understanding and meaning seem paramount, we forget to appreciate sensitivity, instinct and experience.

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Oil on canvas, 100x80cm. 2024
For Sale: £1200

Bird of God

Colour pencil on paper, drawing 11x8cm on paper 30x21cm. 2024.
For Sale: £85 *SOLD*

Four Figures Resting (before Distant Hills)

Oil on canvas, 90x130cm. 2023
For Sale: £1750

Young Woman with Blue Jumper

Oil on panel, 40x30cm. 2024 *Not for sale*

Fancy Pyjamas

Oil on canvas, 50x40cm. 2023.
For Sale: £400 *SOLD*

Light Effect, Undergrowth

Oil on canvas, 45x65cm. 2023.
For Sale: £290


Oil on canvas, 75x50cm. 2024
For Sale: £350


Oil on canvas, 40x30cm. 2024
For Sale: £180

Green Lanes

Oil on canvas, 51x80cm. 2022
For Sale: £750

Bird of God

Oil on canvas, 33x24cm. 2023
For Sale: £210

Heavy Metal

Photopolymer etching on paper, edition of 6. Print 30.5x20.5cm on paper 47x35cm. 2023
For Sale: £95 *3/6 sold*


Oil on canvas, 81x57cm. 2023
For Sale: £500


Oil on canvas, 44x33cm. 2023.
For Sale: £310

Summer night, Streetlight

Oil on canvas, 40x30cm. 2023
For Sale: £400

Young Painter, Blue Stool

Oil on canvas, 102x68cm.
For Sale: £450 *SOLD*


Oil on canvas panel, 19.5x15cm. 2023
For Sale: £70


Oil on canvas, 20x17cm. 2022
For Sale: £120


Oil on canvas, 30x36cm. 2024
For Sale: £220 *SOLD*


Oil on canvas, 122x91cm. 2022
For Sale: £800 *SOLD*


Oil on panel, 45x65cm. 2023.
For Sale: £250

Sand, Seaweed and Rocks

Oil on paper 45x70cm. 2024
For Sale: £190