School of Design Textile Design

Victoria Hughes (She/Her)

Specialising in woven fabric, I am widely inspired by my surroundings and the geometric shapes often found in brutalist city architecture and modern office buildings. I have used collage as my main method of drawing throughout this project and have continued the theme of cut-and-paste throughout my final year by cutting up my drawings and pasting them back together in different orientations to create repeat patterns which I have then translated into jacquard fabrics. As a designer, I take great joy in bold colours and have used imagery that was taken through trips across Europe to inject some brightness into the grey and concrete world seen in my primary research. I created this project with the intended use of fabric for public transport and have visualised my designs as bus, train, and plane seating. Keeping sustainability in mind, I have used only donated yarns throughout my final year.

Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste

Primary Research

Initial Drawings

Creating Smaller Compositions

Initial Jacquard samples

Digital Collage

further drawing 1