Innovation School Product Design

Vilhelm Erik Thoresson (He/Him)

I’m a designer and visual artist with a passion for ritual, ethics and telling stories through objects.

Central to my practice, within these themes, is sensitivity and respect towards individuals, cultures and environments. With this as a foundation I wish to create experiences and objects that allow us to grow more empathic and closer to each other. Physicality, human interaction and creativity, I believe, are the tools to achieve this.



Our fears and anxieties dictate much of who we are, yet we seldom explore these sides of our person with those around us.

This project started as an exploration of the horror genre, as it pertains to fiction. That exploration eventually led to a fascination of how the genre allows artists to communicate their perception of the world with the audience, but what if there was a simple way to democratize and simplify this process?

Oneiricon is a collective story telling tool that aims to provide the participants with an engaging way to share their fears with eachother. This process takes the form of a ritualistic game in which the participants create scenarios based on anxieties. By contextualizing these fears as part of a set of five “universal” fears users can easily draw comparisons between their different experiences, and in doing so sowing seeds of understanding.

The entire journey is cataloged unto what then becomes the ‘Oneiricon’. This long paper scroll, once filled out, becomes an invaluable data set of how people relate to their anxieties, and how they might handle and/or relate to the fears of others.

The Story Unfolds

A participant elaborates on the story they are creating together...


A participant waits to see where the journey will take them next...


By creating stories from simple image prompts participants get to experience, first hand, another's world view.

Counteracting Friction

Oneiricon sits in environments where we are having to co-exist with people unlike ourselves.


An idea of how it functions...