Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Vita Lerche (she/her)




We all need to talk to one another as much as possible


Imagine I was simply talking to you. How easy it would be to explain with no immediate eloquence, to rehash cross out and reconsider my words. To be critical, no (that is not quite what I mean but it is close).

To me, to be talking to you is similar to drawing a soft outline, and then redrafting this outline with its audience and for its audience – as critics do. Through this I can begin to define what key marks establish certain similarities in our separate tongues.

In talking to you I am able to draw a recognisable figure, or some other shared form that inhabits both our realties.




To K and E while on the train to Glasgow 10.09.21

I dreamt that we were all on the train but going to completely different places so we got on but then dispersed into different carriages and then the train went round a roundabout and almost hit a car.

So I got off because trains don’t go around roundabouts and I must have gotten the megabus by accident. But once I was off it was evident that we had definitely all been on a train so I had to run to Preston Central to get back on. W was waiting at the station in a long trench coat to get on he was on his way to Inverness.

I was making my way back to the train and then this northern accented gentleman (wearing almost every shade of brown available) woke me up and asked if I know where I had to get off and that if I told him he would wake me up when it was my stop.