MSA Stage 5 School of Architecture

Wai Hei (Wallace) Leung (Him)

The Rebirth of Manufacturing

The Rebirth of Manufacturing

Manufacturing, we all know its name. Our lives are basically made up of products made through manufacturing. Our life seems to be closely related to it. But is this the truth? Manufacturing is an integral part of our human culture. It’s also an important hero in the development of many cities such as Brussels, Glasgow, Hong Kong, etc. But do people really still think of it as a hero these days? Because of the changing of times, it was forced with no choice but to leave the city it belonged to. However, in recent years, some people have begun to be aware and rethink the importance of manufacturing in cities.

The thesis asks how manufacturing should be reintroduced in today’s well developed 21st century cities. As the development of cities will not stop, manufacturing space within the cities will only continue to be compressed under the narrative which is lack of foresight and in-depth understanding. There is a great need for a place that can reconnect manufacturing, the city, and the people in the city.

This thesis aims to make a manufacturing building become a new civic place by utilizing textile recycling and fashion design as a tool together with the existing Ninoofesepoort Park. Learning from old textile mills and manufacturing buildings, and also new findings from researchers, it proposes a new typology that emphasis transparency, accessibility and integration of manufacturing building.

Creating a sense of showcasing, display, exhibition, fun by incorporating façade with varies degrees of transparency and together with a multiple levels promenade throughout the building and touching the landscape allows increased connectivity and involvement between manufacturing, the city, and the people.







Master plan

GF plan

Typical plans

Section AA'

Section BB'

Section CC'

The showcase promanade

The fashion show

Seasonal displays

The atrium

Designers and Customers

Looking into Production Space

In between Production and Deisgn

Exchanging ideas

Glulam and CLT

Translucent, Transparent & Solid