MDes Communication Design School of Design

Warakorn Sornmasthaveeroj


I am a Thai illustrator passionate about connecting the image-making process and communicating meaning. I am fascinated by raising inequality issues in society and transferring this to my visual language by using metaphors to illustrate significant meanings. My image-making is in a variety of craft fields, such as print-making, textiles, and alternative painting, to support and enhance each project properly. In addition, I have adopted traditional Asian art and culture as my design identity to celebrate that knowledge and make my contemporary illustration remarkable.


The Cycle of The Corruption of Power
What if?

The Cycle of The Corruption of Power

The final project communicates the succession of power from generation to generation of politicians in Southeast Asia. The narrative patterns show the instigation of an authority that leads to divisiveness and takes the right to run the country as it wishes. Even though people struggle for justice, we are trapped and return to the same roop. The artworks were made of natural dye fabric and discharged screen printing using natural and chemical agents to enhance the erosion effect of corruption on people. The natural paste was screened to create people’s parts, while chemical discharge created an authority image. Not only did the different colours on the fabric, orange and white, but when the chemical discharge reacted with heat, it would turn purple. In colour theory, purple is the opposite of orange, enhancing the different statuses between powerful politicians and innocents.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #1

The desire to stand in a powerful position leads greedy people to corruption.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #2

The instigating is used for social divisiveness, creating unconvinced in society.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #3

The fragile circumstance allows an authority to take control of the country and play a role in conducting public interest and human rights.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #4

The grouping of mutual benefit companies destroys the equality system and benefits each other to corrupt.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #5

People were deprived of fundamental rights and were used as political tools.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #6

People always tried to make a movement by following democratic rules, such as elections and peaceful protests.

The Cycle of Corruption of Power #7

Sometimes, people can win a victory, but nothing is guaranteed that they might not return in the future.

What if?

This is a spin-off from The Cycle of The Corruption of Power. What if people can overcome authority and reclaim their democratic rights? The prints illustrate the rescue of the Thai constitution book from the elite and the triumph moment people have been looking for for a long time. The Mezzotint image-making was connected to the people’s victory against darkness by scraping and burning black areas of copper away. The remainder was the light tone that exposed a powerful illustration of the people.

The rescue of the Thai Constitution book.

The constitution book is rescued back, and The Cycle of The Corruption of Power is destroyed.
For Sale: One print £85/ pair £160

The Moment

The light of democracy shades the old lady's face while a child can reach his hand to touch democracy.
For Sale: One print £85/ pair £160