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Wenjun Fei (Hield)

The design comes from life, which is closely linked to us.
As a highly motivated individual with a passion for design, I have always been interested in finding innovative solutions to complex problems in our daily life. My experiences working on design projects have taught me the importance of putting the customer at the centre of the design process. Good design is all about understanding the needs and behaviours of people and creating solutions that meet those needs, it is about making concepts simple, intuitive and accessible, and designing them in a way that is consistent across all touchpoints. It is also about continuously testing and improving services to ensure that they are meeting people needs.
One of the most exciting aspects of this four years journey has been the focus on creating innovative and sustainable solutions. To me, design is an iterative process that involves constant testing and improvement to ensure that services meet the needs of users and are committed to benefiting society. As someone deeply committed to sustainability, I believe that design has a unique and critical role to play in creating a more sustainable future. A more sustainable world is created through the design of efficient and environmentally conscious designs.



“Jovi” is a service aimed at improving Glasgow’s future public transportation. This is a human- centered design project that studies existing public transportation and identifies potential improvements, either through large systemic changes or smaller interventions to help individuals.

This project is dedicated to improving the welfare of citizens, especially specific groups. The system reduces travel time for these special groups by providing door-to-door service and enhances user experience during the journey through customization.

I firmly believe that “Jovi” will become a reality in the future, perhaps in 30 years or even 50 years, or even longer… This is a sustainable public transportation system. It may harm the interests of some people, but it is the most direct way to enhance the happiness index of citizens.

jovi poster

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“Talking” is a service committed to enhancing the health of international students. It’s a human-centered design project that investigates the eating habits of these students overseas and strives to identify potentially superior approaches. The problem isn’t just about a fusion of skills; it’s also about mindset.

In the future, the UK will witness an increase in the number of international students. This indirectly leads to cultural conflicts, with dietary differences surfacing as the most direct clash, particularly in the month leading up to the final exams.

This system works by gathering users’ health data and blending it with their dietary habits to recommend meals. These meals could be from the user’s country or from other nations. Once a choice is made, the system recommends the user to the nearest store to purchase necessary ingredients. Scanning the ingredients triggers a FaceTime call from the ingredients themselves. The ingredients mimic human speech, converse with the user, and guide them on how to cook the meal.

Currently, this service is still in initial conceptualization and rudimentary construction phase, with the present design merely being a prototype. In the future, this service will not just be showcased via mobile devices but will also evolve through upgrades and iterations, making the interaction at each step increasingly awe-inspiring and humorous. I firmly believe that my service system will become a reality in the future, given its intriguing and exceptionally meaningful concept.

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