Chinese Interlude

The texture of the trees is topographed with latex and painted to resemble Chinese landscape paintings, thus presenting a moment that is infinitely close to stillness.

Each interlude is unique and significant, harboring immense energy to propel things into another event. Within this brief moment, individuals brush past each other, memories intertwine with the future, and fantasies freely traverse.

Chinese interlude signifies the incomplete, the desire to speak yet remain silent. It extends and magnifies that period infinitely, as if thoughts materialize and ripples leave an imprint. I react with everything. Everything is poised to shape me, to strip me bare. Nothing is certain, yet there’s a calm as if time stands still. It’s like the shadow of death. I mourn what’s about to be lost, I fret over what’s yet to come.


Medium: Latex, Steel, Quartz

Exit Ghost

The privacy of space is always being deprived and becomes a struggle for power. Architectures around me are constantly being torn down and rebuilt. But I believe that the memory of these lands will accompany these ruins and new houses for a long time.


Dimensions:240*33*35cm (the same size as the Load-bearing column in the new house)

Medium: Lace、 Cement Bricks、Grey Tiles、Blue Bricks、Stone Bricks、Ceramic  Tiles

A Silent Instrument

Dimensions:121*30*30cm        Medium:  Bamboo、Glass、  Seven  Guqin  Strings、 Marbles、Nails、Top、Paint

Fireworks in White Sun


Medium: Drainpipe, Plastic bag,air,Mix Medium