Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 4

Will White-Howe (he/him/his)


MSA Research Project Prize

Currently in my 4th year at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, I have developed a passion for sustainable community driven architecture.

Urban Housing


This project aims to tackle the subject of poor public health using a ‘salutogenic’ approach. This is a medical approach focusing on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease. Creating a public building that acts as the precursor to a hospital by allowing people to prevent and treat ill health themselves. The proposal speculates on measures that could help reduce strain on NHS resources. This is a typology of a publicly funded building that currently does not exist within the UK and thus precedents are difficult to find. As such, the project theorises the type and conditions a building of this type could achieve. Through the creation of nodes targeting 4 main subcategories of wellness; Mental, Physical, Holistic and Social wellness the proposal creates intermediary access to healthcare, reducing stigma and promoting positive self-development.




Urban Housing

Working from home has become commonplace amidst the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, but this is only a reality if you have a desk job. Blue collar

jobs are often forgotten when discussing working from home

I have a strong belief that houses should be able to expand and contract according to changes in circumstance. The Barras is an example of

architecture which did not adapt, buildings were no longer suitable and thus were demolished

The Barras is historically a thriving small business district for the being and selling of goods. In recent years businesses in the Barras have struggled

however small businesses in the still make up 1/3 of employment so their survival is vital.

As the pandemic continues to impact our working life, working from home has become the norm. However a vast majority of the countries workers are

unable to move their labour into their home and are just expected to continue working as normal. From this situation it as become clear that working

from home is a middle class myth.

Even in 2020 private rental tenancies still have a clause stating that you cannot operate a business from your homes, an outdated clause from the early

20th century meaning it is contractually impossible for business owners to work from home not just impractical.

Having a place to live is one of the few necessities we have as human beings however this is beginning to be capitalised on more and more as it is

becoming impossible to buy houses, leaving people stuck having to privately rent with poor contacts, Renting privately allows your domesticity to

become somebody else’s labour.