02. The Corridor



“A design is loaded up with inherent meanings, which can afford certain behaviours—conscious or not. But do we—as designers—still question how a door can be designed so as to look inviting to enter?” – Stijn Baumers, Beyond the Designers’ View: How People with Autism Experience Space



This project aims to redesign a corridor in a school for students who are on the spectrum. It focuses on wayfinding – specifically visual cues – in the school corridor. This project will convey the fundamental understanding of what it means to design a space, that is predictable for people on the spectrum.

People on the spectrum have a different way of processing information, which is why understanding the contrast between a neurotypical and a person on the spectrum’s way of interpreting spaces is crucial in creating this design.
The value of this project is about questioning the dominant way of thinking about design. It enables us to look into the fundamentals of design when designing for people on the spectrum. It goes beyond just designing the sensory quality of the space.

Sectional perspective of the corridor.