In an attempt to visualise the modularity and adaptability of these flat I decided to tell the hypothetical story of a family moving into the housing project and how their home is able to evolve and change over time in response to their changing lives, the surrounding community and even world events.

The Piersons move in before the pandemic, choosing the East End over the more expensive areas of Glasgow. The husband, Elliot works as at a realty company in the cities and uses his bike and occasionally the bus to travel into the city each day. As the slowly unpack all their belongings many of the still unopened box are placed in a storage area created in the modular space. The lack of scattered boxes allows them the use the rest of the open space to throw a house-warming party with family and friends.
As the pandemic arrives and Glasgow goes into lockdown, Elliot is able to keep his job being able to quickly transform part of the modular space into a home office. Over the duration of the lockdown Elliot’s wife, Nina, tries out a number of hobbies in order to stave off the boredom setting up her own crafting/hobby space next to her husband’s office. Even though the couple are forced to stay inside most of the time they are still able to use the small yard they have in front of their apartment to get some fresh air and are even occasionally able to communicate with passing neighbours at a safe distance preventing a total social blackout
As the lockdown starts to ease Elliot occasionally goes back to the office in the city but still largely work from home. Out of a combination of boredom and a desire for more financial security Nina finds a job at one of the shops that had recently reopened on the ground floor of the apartment building. The living room becomes a temporary guest bedroom as a close friend of Elliot’s moves in with them having lost his job and subsequently his home during lockdown.
As time progresses Nina managed to get a promotion at the shop resulting in her transforming Elliot’s office into her own space. Due to the improved financial situation Elliot decides to start his own real estate company renting out one of the office spaces on The Space’s top floor. During this time Nina’s grandparents decide to pay a visit so they can celebrate Christmas together. As the year comes to an end they all attend the neigbourhood New Year party held on one of the rooftop green spaces.
A few more years have passed, the couple has decided they want to have a baby, an area is partitioned off for their daughter’s bedroom. After a few more years Nina decides to retire after working almost a decade at the store, however as boredom returns her office is quickly transformed back into a hobby room in which both Nina and her daughter spend most of their free time. Her mother’s interest in art having rubbed off on her, Hadley enrolls into a local Art Course and eventually rents out one of the studio spaces in The Space, often going up to the top floor to bother her father or have lunch with him.