Introduction to Year

In this year of turn wall, we at stage 4 of the architecture department at GSA were tasked with challenging existing issues around domesticity and labour within civic space. These generalised but complex concepts took the form of three core projects. Firstly to consider the concept of cellular living and how this could present itself within our modern societal needs. Secondly to consider this cell within a specific urban context of the Barras Market in Calton Glasgow, I focused on creating the civic roles of this wider community through social and commercial exchange. Finally a project to consider a civic cultural centre parallel to this urban cell housing was considered. In this final project my thesis focused on social inclusion though the liberation of performance and movement.

A year of limited computer access along with workshop facilities has forced me to re-evaluate my working methods. I used my skills in draftsmanship and art to convey concepts by hand before converting these notions into architectural form using hand modelling skills such as soldering metal sheets and plaster casting.

Long term I hope to create an architectural language that combines the environmental bio design with heritage values alongside my theories of movement and metaphysics within contemporary architectural design.

Street Elevations of Urban housing and Performance Venue in the Barras, Glasgow

Barra Axonometric from Gallowgate