Stage 3 URBANIA Retreat&Concert Hall

We were briefed to design a concert hall and retreat for Sistema Scotland, a charity that uses shared learning of music as a tool to better the lives of its residents in Balloch. Key themes of the brief were the consideration of Energy, Culture and Landscape, where we were free to explore these independently.

The architectural intent of the project was derived from journey- from Balloch town centre, through the park and ultimately to the beach on site. The building should respond and correspond with this idea, and act as a link when this journey is broken, at the car park.

To emphasize journey, I was primarily inspired by Hans Schaoroun, and how he crafts orientation, placement and overall form into the heart of his work. I liked especially the way he broke down space into smaller clusters, which I have replicated to a degree in the retreat.

This focus on a cluster approach has, however, some negative environmental impacts, such as having a high surface area to volume ratio, which means more heat loss is likely to take place. More material will also be needed to be consumed for a build like this.

Therefore, I have tried to rebalance the architectural intent with sustainable technology; using sustainable methods and materials wherever possible, maximizing passive gains- such as solar gain and prevailing wind to combat overheating.

I believe that architectural intent should work with technology, where neither should dominate the other, as in my view, the most successful project creates a unique blend of these potentially polarizing ideologies.

Site Research

Studies where taken to develop an understanding of the landscape and environmental impacts of the site.

Site Plan

Simple and inclusive access is key to the project. Understanding access and journey helps orientate the user and enforces the symbolic themes and ethics of Sistema's work.

Deconstruction of Mass

I was inspired by the efficiency of contemporary mass housing, yet felt a blocky multi storey building would not suit the site or desires by the client. I began to deconstruct and focus on the interaction of spaces before reassembling the form.

Reassembly of Form

Inspired by historic streets such as the Shambles and Clovelly, I reassembled the reateat to create journey through circulation. Themes of interaction and connectivity where key. This injected a flare of uniqueness and personality to the space, which should emulate and foster a sense of home and education.


Study into journey and access in relation to site

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Facade Study

Technical Section of the Street

Long Section

Concert Hall Floor Plan

Concert Hall Section

Concert Hall Technology

Environmental Section

Sustainable Development Goals

Site Drawing