Do it yourself Sci-fi

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Under the title ‘Exercising Existence’ my work this year has focused on world crafting. The narrative for this world has been formed through the artifacts that I create along the way. These objects are made with the intention to give my new reality sub-stance and logic within the existence that the character I have created exists within. This practice has been informed by my writings surrounding functional authenticity, where I look at the consequences of how we function and why functional failure is crucial to belonging within our authentic selves. As I form my own reality, I comment on my own failures and dreams through the things I make. In this way, my practice has developed into something deeply personal and confronting to how I perceive my own functional ability. These storylines, ideas, and objects make an appearance in a film that showcases this off-kilter universe, supporting this is a music track that performs to displace the audience through the peephole of the camera.