‘COLAJ’ is a collage made up of 7 interviews/conversations with DISLEXIKS about their experiences relating to dyslexia. For the majority of the interviewees this was the first time they had spoken this in depth about the condition. It was a wonderful experience and I feel grateful to have been able to have these conversations with these people.
Each conversation was around 1 hour long. In an attempt to keep this piece as organic as possible all I did was slightly edit the original conversations, group them together and play them at the same time, soloing individual voices at random points. What you hear is the one and only take.
I felt any more interference from myself would taint each person’s perspective and experience. Furthermore, we all know the best way to get group work done is for everyone to talk at the same time.
The visuals offer a representation of the consistency of the dyslexic condition. Everything around us can change but our brains will always be this way, sometimes it is more obvious than others but it will always be there.