Patere Collection

The word ‘Patere‘ originates from Latin, meaning exposed:

to be/lie open

Inspiration & Patination process

Patination technique translated on digitally printed silk

Lantern Earring proposal

outer tube 55mm x30mm inner tube 30mmx20mm

Colour in Metal

Decorative Rust
By simply mirroring an object or design, makes me think of a butterfly: triggering senses of change , rebirth & rejuvenation
digitally printed cotton


digitally printed faux silk

Cork-lined, etched copper placemat proposal

Digitally printed patination process on faux silk 0.5mm thick copper sheet 210 x 297 mm
Digitally printed faux silk

Food Patinated copper dish

diameter 100mm height-60mm
digitally printed faux silk
Details of pomegranate patinated copper bowl

Patere Dangly Earrings

Patinated copper, puck welded 1mm silver wire Top component - 40mm x 55mm Middle – 30x30mm Bottom - 20mmx30mm

Patere dangly earrings

Lockdown Loving cup

Photo Etched & pierced, pomegranate patinated copper sheet Height- 150mm circumference of base – 70mm
Dimpled base, crystallisation details
Aiming to capture the naturally occurring patination around me , with natural materials..

Brushstroke Tube Earrings

Patinated Copper , bronze cast wood shavings Dimensions Height- 55mm Width- 30mm
Distorted Copper Frames
Engraved, Food Patinated Copper Dish Diameter 100mm Height-60mm


Rose gold pin-less Brooch proposal Tension in metal captures fabric
Digitally printed faux silk
Variety of Patinated Copper frames exposed to the elements
Thinking through making

Laid Bare

Solid silver cast pomegranate peel & seeds Bowl 120mmx130mm