PLC2044, Colin’s case

PLC2044 is the item number of a postcard that was sold in Dartmoor during the 1970s. The PLC2044 that I purchased on eBay was originally bought and sent by a person named Colin. On the back of the postcard, there is an address, a postage stamp, and a message to the addressee, with sender’s name, Colin, at the end of the message and (Remember Me???) next to it.

The person who sent the postcard seems to lament returning from, what seems to be, a family holiday. Whilst I wanted to depict the apparent happiness experienced by ‘Colin’ with his family, I was also anxious to convey the feeling of the author being preoccupied with their imminent return – their mind always facing to another place, never really where they are. This is why the motif of the backwards-facing figure in the dress appears throughout this series.

As I am currently away from my home country, I was particularly intrigued by the last sentence of Colin’s message (Remember Me???). There are three question marks written on it, which can feel like a joke for the addressee, possibly a close friend. Or perhaps it was a message to an acquaintance he hadn’t seen in so many years who didn’t remember Colin, who didn’t want it to be serious. That’s why he put three question marks on it.

His writing wouldn’t be particularly unique. But Colin’s description of Dartmoor, with its beautiful weather and abundant nature, is exactly what I want to tell my friends back home, whom I haven’t seen in over two years – It’s beautiful here on a good day and nature is nice. I may or may not return to my home country in the future. However, Colin’s words, “It’s nice while it lasts,” are beautiful as he enjoys the temporary stay while understanding the near future he will return to his home.

Whilst traveling and studying abroad are very different in their nature and duration, Colin and I have something in common about the precariousness of our stay, and the faceless figures on the PLC2044 that Colin chose visually represent our psychological focus on the home while in temporary residence.

PLC2044, Colin's case installation view

PLC2044, Colin's case installation view2

PLC2044,Colin's case

two digital prints 21 x 29.7cm

a house

spray and watercolour on paper 29,7 x 42cm

PLC2044, (Colin Remember Me???)

Acrylic paint on cotton 100 x 120cm

PLC 2044, 6/12P

Acrylic paint on cotton 40 x 100cm

PLC 2044, A Family Portrait

Acrylic paint on cotton 100 x 140cm

PLC2044, A House

Acrylic paint on cotton 60 x 90cm