Postcards Job Lot

In this series of paintings, the motifs are images and texts from postcards sold on eBay as vintage goods. Functioning as a postal item, the postcard transforms an experience or event that has happened to the sender into a convenient-sized item, with a written text, and delivers personal information to the addressee. However, the vintage postcard has lost its original purpose, has no address to return to, and no destination to go to. The image of the vintage postcard is itinerant. Here, the artist enlarges and twists these itinerant images and covers them with paint on cotton in an attempt to perceive the postcard in motion in its irreversible travels with no destination.

Postcards Job Lot

Vintage Postcode job lot

120 x 100cm Acrylic paint on cotton

Elizabeth Adela Forbes “Ring-a Ring-o’Roses” Girls, Newlyn Sunset D4/607

Acrylic paint and photo on cotton 40.5 x 30.5cm