Plans and Sections

The scheme of the residential focuses on the intersection between the shared and the private, using spatial boundaries to mediate between the two. The shared and private spaces are split into two separate wings with a centralized transition space which simultaneously connects the wings and acts as the main entrance into the building, allowing for smooth circulation between the two. The U-Shaped form of the building creates an internal courtyard which acts as vital area for outdoor activities – a feature important to Sistema. The shared and private areas are separated based on noise levels as well as to emphasize the distinction between shared spaces being vehicles for socializing and private areas offering an opportunity for solitude to retreat, relax, sleep and study. The private bedrooms are isolated from the social spaces, with each bedroom being south facing surrounded by trees – this intends to promote the feeling of safety and retreat. The shared spaces are more exposed, with dining opening to the courtyard allowing accessible entry and exit from interior to exterior, and the salon is more open plan with openings framing the concert hall & landscape.

Second floor plan 1:200

First floor plan 1:200

Ground floor plan 1:200

Residential perspective cross section

This section shows the 4 main components of the building: Private accommodation (left), transition walkway (middle), shared spaces (right) and the courtyard

Long section 1:200

Section cutting through residential building

Long section cutting through performance hall 1:200