Part of my practice is about working intuitively in the landscape, creating while I go. Being spontaneous and experimental in the field is key to my development process. The research starts with immersing myself in the environment I wish to know more about and I develop a sense of the place through sketches, photos, videos, and sound pieces.

Recently I have focused on experimental films/videos that explore the colours, textures, and feelings of Scotland’s landscapes. I am interested in how I can use film as a medium to convey the energy and feel of a place to an audience that hasn’t experienced it before. When filming I look for the small movements or moments that create a more personal experience.

My practice also involves experimenting with the interaction between moving images, objects and sculptures. How can spaces be used to change the narrative of the film, or what is the effect of a projected film on a physical space? I aim to reflect my intuitive approach to filmmaking in my installations, which try to convey my personal experience of the natural environment through the viewers interactive journey through the space.