collaborative Glasgow

The project is a collaborative design, production, and performance institution.

A successful city and sustainable life in a city exist in the exchange and resonance
of different financial, cultural, political, and other characteristics. The same way
a successful society might exist in the exchange and resonance of its internal

The design aims to celebrate and articulate the different cultures in society,
through collaborative approaches to creating and performing. The building
will house one of the most collaborative forms of musical performance:
choir; and support the performance with spaces for design, production, and
exhibition. Choir performance will be used to transform dissonance in society to
understanding and resonance.

A parallel conceptual thread of natural systems in the city is employed in the
design, as in the current environmental context humans cannot exist in denial of
natural realities and problems, and what impact on the environment the city can

Exterior View

Key Section

Performance Space Sketch

Detail Model

Site Model

Axonometric Exterior and Structure

Elevation Detail