Personal Wellbeing in Cancer Care: 2030

Future Experiences part 1: Group work

Future Experiences is a project which explores the impact of collective intelligence on the future of cancer treatment in 2030. For the first part of the project, we focused on personal wellbeing, for those living with cancer in 2030. We created a future world, based on speculative research surrounding the future of healthcare, which we carried out as a group.

After the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic the world will be changed forever. The UK will aim to never let something of this severity happen again and to take more precautions in the future.

By 2030 the UK will become a health focused society, and in order to track health risks, the Ministry of Health started calculating health risk factors for every citizen, with the H.R.F (Health Risk Factor). News broadcasts regularly have alerts issued by the ministry of health. This is all so people with high HRF can take necessary precautions whenever they might be exposed to danger to their health, for example rising cases of flu in their area or pollution cloud.


An overview of life in 2030.


The HRF is embraced by many members of society, however many believe that the government has too much control over their personal information.