Acting as areas to house social engagement on a fun and family level. The weir providing green space with Clyde’s lanes and park land that connected new social housing on the North side to the entertainment pack currently on the South side. While also encouraging an interaction with the local ecology by way of close proximity to the raised north side water level that create a human scale interaction coupled with biological pools allowing users to view the local habitat in a snapshot.
Housing anew travel hub for localised water taxi transport utilising the new canal like characteristic the weir creates by separating and reasoning par of the river. Which it close proximity to busy offices, places of work and Glasgow central station it provides easy connection to various way to travel the city more efficiently. The goal being that the water taxies can be used to travel East to west of the city centre and cut down on the massive number of cars going through the city daily. The travel would also provide more sustainable travel using new technology that does not rely on fossil fuels to run.