The Gorgons

Taking inspiration from her love of Fashion History and Fashion Studies her work takes roots in historical garments. The starting point of her designs is the armour; specifically, textiles ones, which she uses to reinvent the dressed body with meaningful embellishments.
Using her romantic and gloomy aesthetic, Jade calls to our human taste for epic stories of the past, with her garments looking like faded glories. Working with characters like the Gorgons, Freya, Joan of Arc she talks about sorority and giving women a channel to showcase their strength; the image of statues coming to life and reminiscence of decay she talks about memories and legacy, how to build oneself from roots.
I wanted my collection to protect women’s bodies with the work of women before them, creating this legacy story of layers and layers, mending and repairs, generations to generations, garments as treasures, as heritage. Women are resilient, existing despite the world against them.
This collection is inspired by traditional French garments and their smart use of textiles and patterns in layers. The research exploring uniforms, protective wear such as pilot gear, female fencing and archery suits nourished the transformation of corsets and bustier pieces found on museum’s databases. Mixed with tailoring details and more modern shapes, it focuses on the plastron: a breast piece that protects all vital organs.

moodboard and illustration

scan sketchbook 2

scan sketchbook 1

scan sketchbook 3

line up

lineup sketchs batch

shaping silhouette

corset plastron

pattern plastron

final line up

final line up

final line up