Public Awareness Installations


“I am the crucible of the future. I am where humani­ty will either flourish or fade. I am being built and rebuilt every day. I am inevitable. But I am not yet determined. I wish to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, thriving. But my potential can only be reached through you.”


– Quote from the TED Prize Winning Project, The City 2.0



Within our current commercialised urban structures we depend on reminders that trigger our awareness towards our surroundings. We have lost a connection to our fellow citizens and the space that we inhabit. This range of installations is offering opportunities to re-experience our high streets in a more active and autonomous way.

Think of any common shopping street – in this case Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. From a flat street that is integrated into peoples minds and memory the spectrum in which we perceive it is quite narrow. Our gaze moves mainly within a ca 3 meter range, from the pavement to the shopping windows and offers/sales. To break this up and draw more attention to the actual wide voluminous sphere that it is, the interventions’s goal is to act in diverse angles, inhabiting the three dimensional space. Instead of flat surfaces there are building heights and the volume in-between to act with.


There are three desired impacts that the installations aim to fulfill:

– Change of Focus

To enhance the versatility of the environment and counteracting consumerism to return to the diverse multi-purpose of the space of a shopping street. This is to draw the attention towards the democratic space itself, essentially smaller buildings framing a wide street/path that offer immense opportunities within a community and can be used in a wider social manner

– Social Awareness

By creating encounters and triggering social appreciation, the habit of embarking on a visit to Sauchiehall Street primarily within our comfort zone of close people, friends, family is broken and questioned. While we move in bubbles we could meet new faces, get to know each other and stay curious, even for just a minute. When was the last time you experienced one of these aspects in public?

– Individual perspectives

To re-establish an appreciation of your own direct surroundings. Recognising that we share a space with others already triggers awareness, but from this outward-facing effect the inner individual perception of a constructed space and setting is necessary for us to behave autonomously.

Demonstration of Street Experience