/ Installation 1

The Harmonic Shift of Focus announces the series of installations that you encounter on your journey through the shopping area of Sauchiehall Street. When you’re starting to look out for special offers you are being re-directed upwards by a harmonic network of assembled musical pipes that get activated by wind. The subtle audible change in this part of the street make you aware of the three-dimensional space that you are moving in.


/ Installation 2

The Social Shelter is focussing on the societal aspect and provides a communal gathering point. Drawing the attention away from the adjacent shop windows this structure celebrates Glasgow’s challenging climate and gives space for a more interactive behaviour. As the roof has an opening that lets rain run off into a basin, the moment gains a sound experience and heightens your level of attention to your senses.


/ Installation 3

On your journey down the street, you mostly reside in two rushing streams on the paths right next to the shops. The alley in-between, populated by vegetation and seating options, is often neglected. The Mirror Illumination turns it into a place that you can light up during darker times of the day. The action of connecting objects that react to your initiative releases an acknowledgment of autonomy.


/ Installation 4

The Step Magnifier is a hidden discreet technological composition that highlights your movement and foot steps. Coming from a smaller lane, before you encounter the main range of the installations you get confronted with the sound of your own presence. By amplifying a recording of the passing motion it makes you aware of your everyday contribution to the urban scenery.


/ Installation 5

After addressing a shift of focus from the constructed commerce by subtly stimulating the senses, the Moment Capture touches upon our digital connection. This installation is playing with our perception of the ever-present recording of our behaviour. The act of photographing a scene is sensitive due to privacy regulations. Therefore the camera is equipped with a long shutter speed that makes the clarity of the image the user’s choice.


/ Installation 6

When we think of street furniture we see images of straight geometric platforms for us to sit on. Because we perceive our surroundings with our body and depend on the physical activation of it to get involved, this Activating Furniture provides a chance for a more appreciative encounter of individuals. Besides offering a calm resting point this structure lets the body merge with a flexible seating composition that adapts to its user’s balance and physicality.